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Carbohydrazide 497-18-7

Carbohydrazide 497-18-7


  • Catalogue No.: 11563
  • Product Name: Carbohydrazide
  • CAS: 497-18-7
  • EC: 207-837-2
  • MDL: MFCD00007591
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  • Price: $1000/5kg
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Assay: 98~101%
Appearance: white crystalline powder
Color, apha(in melted): 20 max
pH(12% aqueous): 7.2-9.7
Water: 0.5% max

Carbohydrazide 497-18-7 is is widely used in the production of pharmaceuticals, herbicides, plant growth regulators, dyes, etc. carbohydrazide is a derivative of hydrazine with a strong reduction. It can be not only used as the intermediates for producing energy-containing materials, but also can be used directly as the components of explosives and propellants. It can be used as the preservative of refinery equipment and can also be used as the oxygen scavenger of boiler water treatment agent. It can be used as the cross-linking agent of the elastic fiber in the field of chemical fiber industry. It can be used as the chemical raw materials and chemical industrial intermediates and is widely used in medicine, herbicides, plant growth regulators, dyes and other industries.

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