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Cyclohexyl phenyl ketone 712-50-5

Cyclohexyl phenyl ketone 712-50-5


  • Catalogue No.: 17532
  • Product Name: Cyclohexyl phenyl ketone
  • Synonyms: Benzoylcyclohexane
  • CAS: 712-50-5
  • EC: 211-923-5
  • MDL: MFCD00001467
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Assay: 98%
Appearance: white to yellowish crystalline solid
Mp: 55-57℃

Cyclohexyl phenyl ketone 712-50-5 on irradiation on a dry silica gel surface, undergo an oxidative cleavage to give adipic acid and subsituted benzoic acid along with the Norrish Type II product. The kinetics of racemization of benzoylcyclohexane (2-benzoylcyclohexanone) in hexane, ethanol and their mixtures has been investigated by time dependence of enantiomeric purity using enantioselective HPLC

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