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Fmoc-Tyr-OH; N-Fmoc-L-tyrosine 92954-90-0

Fmoc-Tyr-OH; N-Fmoc-L-tyrosine 92954-90-0


  • Catalogue No.: 36967
  • Product Name: Fmoc-Tyr-OH
  • Synonyms: N-Fmoc-L-tyrosine
  • CAS: 92954-90-0
  • MDL: MFCD00134890
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  • Price: $2800/5kg
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Assay: 98.0%
Appearance: white to off-white powder
Specific Rotation [20/D]: -21.0±2.5° (c=1 in DMF)
Melting Point: 182~187℃
Moisture: 0.50% max

Fmoc-Tyr-OH; N-Fmoc-L-tyrosine 92954-90-0 is an Fmoc protected tyrosine derivative that is potentially useful for proteomics studies and solid phase peptide synthesis techniques. Tyrosine is a very important amino acid - one of the few amino acids which is phosphorylated to vary the physical properties of the peptides, and is a precursor for the formation of iodinated thyroid hormones.

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