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Sulfadoxine 2447-57-6

Sulfadoxine 2447-57-6


  • Catalogue No.: 35055
  • Product Name: Sulfadoxine
  • Synonyms: 4-Amino-N-(5,6-dimethoxy-4-pyrimidinyl)benzenesulfonamide, Sulfadoxin
  • CAS: 2447-57-6
  • EC: 219-504-9
  • MDL: MFCD00792890
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  • Price: $980/5kg
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Assay: 98.0%
Appearance: white crystalline solid
Mp: 196.0~200.0℃

Sulfadoxine 2447-57-6 is a sulfonamide antibiotic which inhibits enzymes that are essential in the production of folic acid in parasites which cause malaria. Studies indicate that the parasite Plasmodium falciparum can utilize folic acid exogenously, which would resist the effects of Sulfadoxine. In order to prevent this resistance to Sulfadoxine, research has determined that the use of pyrimethamine is required to inhibit the growth of this protozoan parasite.

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